There is a saying that Hypnotherapy is the first or last therapy that people turn to. It is a gentle technique that can be completely life changing and liberating at the same time. Some worry about a loss of control but I can assure you that you are in control at all times and able to open your eyes and end the session if ever you so wish. It never fails to amaze me how within just one hour people are able to make huge leaps forward and let go of past issues or habits.  The power of the unconscious mind is incredible!

In a word…no! I am not a stage hypnotist and have no desire to be-Hypnotherapy is completely different and is a tool which we can use to train your unconscious mind to work how YOU would like it to. I have a very gentle approach which is informed and focused in order to get the best results possible.  I’m truly passionate about my work and will support you to get the most out of our sessions as possible.

Our sessions don’t stop when the hour ends.  I have a text checkup service so that we can check in with each other between sessions and you can email me at any time with questions should they arise.

I have been practising hypnotherapy since 2011 and have built a reputation for personable yet professional therapy. I have a certificate as well as a diploma in hypnotherapy and am a member of the Hypnotherapy Association, adhering to National Occupational Standards. Perhaps most importantly, I have experience of being a client and of the specialisms I deal with; more about this can be read about in my blog.

You’re welcome to email or call me for more information.  I also offer a free 45 minute, no obligation initial consultation.