How Hypnotherapy Can Make a Huge Difference to Your Weight Loss Plan


I want to lose weight but something just isn’t clicking”


If I had £1 for every client who told me that they’ve tried lots of diets but not been able to stick to any of them I’d be a rich woman. So what’s the problem? Why can’t we just stop eating what’s so obviously bad for us and just start exercising? The answer often lies in our subconscious.

Just look at the front cover of almost every woman’s magazine on the news stands and you’ll see headlines such as ‘Lose Weight! Follow This 10 Point Plan to Success’ or ‘The Diet That Will Make YOU Lose 1 stone in a Week’! Or how about the slimming clubs that advertise such great successes but are full of those of us who turn up, weigh, admit defeat yet again and go home to eat a donut? (Just me then?) It’s not that these diets don’t work and slimming groups are incredible places with a minefield of information and great support. BUT. If your mind isn’t in it, your body isn’t following.

So how do we engage our minds?

Good question! We’re all unique with different motivations, ways of translating the world and levels of willpower. What we do have in common however is that our subconscious minds hold the key to a lot of these and by finding the key, we can make that connection and unlock whatever it is holding us back. Easier said than done you may say. Not necessarily. A skilled hypnotherapist can access that part of you that is holding you back and help to switch on to your preferred, more healthier choices. I’ve had clients who’ve been trying to lose weight for 20-30 years only to realise that what was holding them back wasn’t the inability to stop themselves reaching for a biscuit or two but the deeply held belief that they didn’t deserve to be slim. Other clients may be eating extremely healthily but leading a sedentary life whilst others may be the opposite-exercising regularly and rewarding their efforts with a big sandwich and packet of crisps…and then a bottle of wine. It’s by getting to the root of this that we can unlock the willpower and convince the unconscious to get on board with what we truly want.

Of course it would be great to be able to eat and do what we want but if our mission is to lose weight and become healthier this is always going to be a losing battle. Hypnotherapy can not only tap into motivations and get you eating and exercising healthily again but it can also change the way you see yourself, increase confidence and help you to see how worth it you really are.

It’s this that will lead to weight loss success-a changed mindset sets you up for long term changes so that you can follow your healthy choices with ease and enjoy it. If you REALLY want to do it you can and hypnotherapy is a great tool to enable you to achieve your goals. 

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