HypnoBirthing Testimonial – Staying Calm and Relaxed Against All Odds

HypnoBirthing Testimonial – Staying Calm and Relaxed Against All Odds

Would you like a HypnoBirthing course that teaches you to stay calm and in contol no matter what direction the birth takes? 

If you’re pregnant and looking for some reassurance that you can stay calm and in control no matter what happens during birth, I’d recommend reading this testimonial from Faye. 

Faye and her partner attended my group HypnoBirthing sessions near Saltash, in preparation for their birth at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, and really embraced the course, taking everything on board and despite some curve balls being thrown in they were able to stay in control and have a ‘beautiful experience’.

HypnoBirthing allows you to remain calm and in control but also covers so much more – the aim is to deliver a full antenatal course and arm you with all the knowledge, tools and techniques so that you can make the best decisions for you and your baby. Over to Faye…

“My partner and I met Laura at an expectant parent event, I had been interested in Hypnobirthing but I had been put off but the cost of some courses and also felt a little intimidated by the thought of it.

On meeting Laura I immediately felt at ease due to her down to earth, quirky personality. I felt so comfortable talking to her and signed up to a very reasonably priced Hypnobirthing course.

Laura did not disappoint and me and my partner looked forward to the sessions every week. The venue in St Mellion was cosy and comfortable and Laura made all the sessions interesting and relevant but also relaxed and fun.

I was sad when they came to an end but Laura offered ongoing support and was always there and responded to emails and messages quickly.

My pregnancy was quite straight forward until the last few weeks when I discovered I had gestational diabetes and my baby was very large. I made the decision to accept the medical advice to be induced at 37 weeks which was a very long and intervention heavy process. This was not not what we had hoped for but thanks to Laura and all the knowledge and confidence she gave me and my partner we were able to stay calm and relaxed throughout and against all the odds was I able to avoid a c section and give birth to her ‘naturally’.

Despite everything going the way it did I can honestly say it was a beautiful experience thanks to everything we learnt and practiced together. We used all of the breathing techniques and visualisations we had learnt to stay relaxed under difficult circumstances. I was able to play my music and affirmations and have the lighting down low.

No matter what path your birth journey takes you down Laura’s sessions will give you the tools to be empowered and prepared at a time when it’s very easy to feel out of control. I would highly recommend her Hypnobirthing course as would my partner who was able to support me amazingly during the birth. We are so grateful to Laura that she helped us bring our little girl safely and peacefully into this world.”

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