Rupert’s Birth Story – A private HypnoBirthing course in Saltash led to the 2nd time being a completely different experience from the 1st birth

Rupert’s Birth Story – A private HypnoBirthing course in Saltash led to the 2nd time being a completely different experience from the 1st birth

A Plymouth HypnoBirthing Story

Have you ever wondered how different your second birth could be with the help of HypnoBirthing?

Bex took a private HypnoBirthing course with me to prepare for her second birth in Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. She was so inspiring in taking everything on board, practising all the techniques from class and really immersing herself in preparations whilst making decisions based on what was best for her and her family using her BRAINS (a process we practise on the course!)

Read on as she tells us about her hugely different second birth experience and how she brought Rupert into the world calmly, gently and with an element of surprise that it was such a different birth the second time around! Over to Bex to tell her birth story in her own words…

“After many hours of early labour with my first baby I was keen to meet with Laura when I was pregnant again. I’d briefly dipped into HypnoBirthing with my first child but wanted to know more and give it a better go this time. Finding Laura had the same passion about it was great.

I really enjoyed the course, particularly the relaxation techniques and always left Laura’s relaxed having had a lovely time. My second birth couldn’t have been more different!!

Rupert was born 10 days after his expected due date and weighed 7Ib 13oz.

The first signs of labour were when I woke in the night with recognisable surges, which were very quickly close together, but the pain was not unbearable. I stayed calm, lighting some candles and listening to the rainbow relaxation. I had no idea how close I was to meeting my little man and it wasn’t long before I was blowing the candles out to head to hospital – he was born an hour later.

Using the breathing techniques Laura taught me were a game changer!! I remained quiet and focused being only aware of what my body was doing and feeling my baby move down. Soon I was ready to push. I stayed relaxed and it was an amazing experience that I couldn’t recommend enough!!

Having done it before without using HypnoBirthing techniques I cannot believe how much the breathing and relaxation helped get me through. My partner was able to stay as relaxed as I was, which allowed him to remember important things during delivery that I wanted such as what playlist I wanted on, dimmed lights etc

My favourite thing was also the worst- the speed in which it happened. Who wouldn’t want a quick labour but I’d give anything to go back and feel it all again. The only thing I’d do differently is having a homebirth next time.

The most memorable part of my birth was the feeling when it was all over. I could not believe how different and how much easier it had been than the first time.

I’d definitely recommend a hypnobirthing course with Laura – and don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to experience a calm birth. When my baby was born one of my first thoughts was how easy and different it had been this time around. Waiting for the unimaginable pain that never came. This birth was amazing and I can’t thank Laura enough for all her help.”

Thank you for taking the time to write your birth story, Bex and for trusting me to be a part of your hypnobirthing journey. For details of upcoming HypnoBirthing courses have a look here: HypnoBirthing courses in Saltash, Plymouth and Tavistock

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