Hypnobirthing Techniques & Tips – Advanced Visualisations & Deepening

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Hypnobirthing Skills and Techniques – Visualisation and Deepening

I talk about covering advanced visualisations and deepening in my online hypnobirthing courses but what are they?

Advanced visualisations and deepening are a way of bringing yourself into a deeper state of relaxation or self-hypnosis to help you to give birth gently and calmly whilst helping your body’s natural painkillers (which as it happens are several times more effective than morphine – amazing eh?).

Learning hypnobirthing skills isn’t about giving up control but about being able to control how relaxed you are and even get some sleep through your labour like Tess:

Started feeling something at about 11pm on Tuesday night but was really relaxed and managed to sleep on and off through it until 3am.”

Or just remain incredibly relaxed and able to enjoy the experience like Bex:

“I remained quiet and focused being only aware of what my body was doing and feeling my baby move down. Soon I was ready to push. I stayed relaxed and it was an amazing experience that I couldn’t recommend enough!!”

We begin with the hypnobirthing basics – I’ll teach you about hypnosis and how you can use it to your advantage in birth as well as the basic  hypnobirthing skills, how our bodies and minds can work together for a calm, gentle, positive birth experience and prepare you for the more advanced levels of hypnobirthing skills.

All the hypnosis we use is self-hypnosis so you’re always in the driving seat and can see me as your guide teaching you the best way to do it for you. Of course, if you’d rather just cover the standard hypnobirthing course that’s fine but if you’d like to learn how to get the most out of the course then the opportunity is there for you.

Not a visualisation person? That’s fine – I have plenty of different strategies up my sleeve through my work as a hypnotherapist and mindset expert so can adapt everything to suit you.

Even if you’re not into relaxation, you’ll be surprised at how you can use your own body to your advantage given the correct guidance in order for you to have your own positive birth experience.

Next, we’ll cover plenty of ideas to use during your birth – you’ll be armed with the best tools and techniques from hypnobirthing and my work as a hypnotherapist specialising in anxiety and pain management to enable you to birth without fear and remain deeply relaxed.

Getting in touch with your body’s own pain management capabilities and ability to escape to a place of your choice in your own mind are just two applications of advanced visualisation and deepening in hypnobirthing but it’s also useful for reframing how you see birth – once you understand it from a visualisation point of view, it all becomes so much clearer.

For example, do you know what the muscles of the uterus do and how they work in harmony to help you birth with ease given the right conditions?

That your brain struggles to differentiate between imagined and reality?

We can use these simple pieces of knowledge to really transform the way we view and experience birth and no matter how you’d like to do it or where, there’ll be tools and techniques as well as in depth knowledge for you to prepare for your own positive birth experience.

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