Being trusted to work with someone to achieve a calm, gentle birth, to overcome anxieties, fears or phobias or manage pain is something I never take for granted. 

Each one of my clients is treated as an individual and given the best service possible but don’t just take my word for it – see below for some kind words sent in by past clients and if you’d like to see more, just get in touch! You can also see my Facebook page here or a few Google Reviews here

Of course, I realise that sometimes it’s nice to meet up and decide whether you’d like to work with someone before beginning therapy or a course so if you’d like to have a chat don’t hesitate to book in for a free 30 minute online consultation here or onto a Free HypnoBirthing Information Session here

Having used Laura’s services last year for fear of flying, it made a great difference even with only having a couple of sessions. Would definitely use Laura’s Hypnotherapy Services again. Thank you...
Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy
Fear of Flying
Laura is a wonderfully warm and supportive person. She is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her hypnobirthing sessions, they made a huge positive difference to me, my partner and our little one. Cannot recommend her highly enough!
HypnoBirthing course in Saltash
Having had fear of flying for many years and not had a flight longer than going to France and Ireland, we wanted to visit our son's new home in Australia this year. Having said I would pluck up the courage to go I knew I would need extra help to cope with the whole experience of a busy airport, packed plane and being confined for over 17 hours! So went to see Laura who put me at ease from the start, she was sympathetic and understanding and after 4 sessions with her felt able to cope and had the knowledge to help relax if things got too much.
I couldn't believe how well the whole experience went, the odd bits of anxiety at the airport I soon coped with and even enjoyed the flight! I am so glad I had the hypnotherapy sessions with Laura and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone suffering anxieties and fear of anything.
Hypnotherapy & HypnoBirthing Testimonials
Fear of Flying
My partner and I attended hypnobirthing sessions with Laura, these really helped to build our confidence and reduce our anxieties prior to the birth of our daughter. Laura's sessions were calm, welcoming and the salted caramel flapjacks weren't bad either! I would certainly recommend Hilltop Hypnotherapy if you have any interest in trying hypnobirthing.
HypnoBirthing (Birth Partner)
(Do you feel you have benefited in any way from your sessions?) "Definitely! I am now able to relax and control my pain and feel much happier and more positive"
Pain Management Hypnotherapy online Saltash Plymouth
Miss K
Pain Management
Laura really helped me with some anxiety issues that i had. I physically felt a weight lifted from my shoulders. Very professional and a calming environment.
I first met Laura many years ago through work so was unaware that she was an experienced hypnotherapist and ran her own business.
I booked to see her when she had advertised at Christmas about her weight therapy sessions, having always struggled since a small child with my weight and having tried every diet or plan going with success to some degree however once you stop these plans the weight will always creep back on and mine did.
Last summer I hit a wall I had a few bad months and just seemed to give up on myself I tried to diet at home and get out and walk but my head just was not in the right place. I struggled on for a few more months but just could not get a grip on myself so finally after sending Laura a message before Christmas I booked in a session.
Didn't know what to expect but Laura was brilliant. We chatted about me and my goals and although Laura said that the sessions were not a magic cure she felt she could help, so my journey began and I can honestly say Laura is absolutely brilliant. She's caring and has a genuine desire to help you achieve your goals whatever they may be, I really look forward to my sessions as each one is very different and the time is about me and where I want to go with my journey. I have also lost just over 9lbs and been able to stay away from what I would call my trigger foods and that's Brilliant.
I hope this review helps someone who may be in a similar situation to what I was, I can hand on heart only suggest that you have a chat with Laura you wont be disappointed. I wish Laura continued success in what is her passion to help others.
Hypnotherapy for weightloss in Saltash and online
Mrs C

I have just finished my last session of hypnoBirthing with Laura. The whole experience has been amazing. I’ve enjoyed every session with Laura, who has made me feel comfortable and relaxed. My baby (number 2) is due soon and I can honestly say I am looking forward to giving birth being so confident in the techniques Laura has taught me. Techniques that are not only useful in birthing but can also be used in day to day life. Read on for my birth story!

After many hours of early labour with my first child I was keen to meet with Laura when I was pregnant again. My second couldn’t have been more different!!
Waking in the early hours I recognised I was having surges, I stayed calm, lighting some candles and listening to the rainbow relaxation. It wasn’t long before I was blowing out the candles and making my way to hospital. Using the breathing techniques Laura has taught me were a game changer!! I remained quiet and focused being only aware of what my body was doing and feeling my baby move down. Soon I was ready to push.
When my baby was born one of my first thoughts was how easy and different it had been this time around. Waiting for the unimaginable pain that never came. This birth was amazing and I cant thank Laura enough for all her help.

Hypnobirthing in Saltash Plymouth Tavistock
When Sam and I found out we were pregnant we chose to explore the HypnoBirthing route and found that it was exactly what we needed to help us in pregnancy and to prepare for the birth of our son. Unfortunately the classes we signed up to fell through and we thought we'd miss out on this incredible and beautiful approach to birthing but thankfully Laura stepped in and took us on at short notice and on the weekends when she could be enjoying her own family. The course has been nothing short of brilliant and I have been enlightened in so many ways that I am now thoroughly looking forwards to our birth and completely confident I can support my partner. Laura has been amazing from start to finish and I cannot speak highly enough of her. Kind, Patient, Happy to help and so much more. I'm excited and happy to have had Laura with us through this experience and will miss our sessions and Laura's experience, knowledge and friendship. If you are looking for HypnoBirthing look no further. Laura is fantastic.
Birth Partner Testimonial
HypnoBirthing (Birth Partner)
"Feeling very relaxed, very happy and looking forward to a calmer future. Thank you."
Mrs L
Anxiety & Stress Management
"Laura! I don't know what you did but whatever it was it has given me the will to lose weight, I feel so positive about everything and I have a new found confidence. Thank you so very much."
Weight loss Hypnotherapy online and Saltash
Mrs C
Weight Loss
“Before I met Laura people would mention giving birth and I’d either have a panic attack or burst out crying. Now after doing the HypnoBirthing course with Laura I am 100% confident, so happy and actually really excited about giving birth and meeting my little one. It really has changed my way of thinking and has taught me and my partner so many tools to stay as calm and relaxed as possible for the birth I dream of. I can’t thank you enough Laura for opening these doors and showing me the way”.
"Flight a success. When Waiting in lounge had a heart beat of 94. Even looked out of the window. I also got up to go to toilet. Just very very minor fear as I was tired. Even had no trouble with the turbulence. Still packed like sardines. Thank you so much"
Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy
Mrs F
Fear of Flying