Kobi’s Birth Story

Kobi’s Birth Story

Staying calm and in control for a waterbirth at Truro Birth Centre

This birth story is a true testament to the strength and determination of a wonderful couple and that when we confront our fears and work through them, the rewards can be immense!

Sam and Tom began the HypnoBirthing course in Saltash at 22 weeks pregnant and travelled up from West Cornwall over a period of 5 weeks (with a break in the middle while we waited for the snow to clear!) They both showed complete dedication, determination and along with completing all homework, practising regularly and coming armed with lots of questions, their dedication to the cause was inspiring. Sam tells it in her own words below but to watch her go from tearful and apprehensive to confident and determined was just incredible. I can’t leave out the role of Tom – he soaked in everything to be able to support Sam and did an incredible job both in the lead up and on the day.

Thank you both for trusting me with teaching you HypnoBirthing and for meeting up after the birth so that I could meet your gorgeous baby boy. Welcome to the world, Kobi!

Over to Sam and her awesome HypnoBirthing story…

“I’m a first time mum at 38 and always wanted children but never thought it would happen.

I was led to HypnoBirthing with Hilltop Hypnotherapy and HypnoBirthing as I’m a very anxious person and I couldn’t even think of giving birth without crying or having a panic attack. I have a huge phobia for assisted births.

The course was fantastic. Laura was really patient and calming and helped me a lot with releasing my fears.

Another aspect of the course is that I loved how it included my partner. It gave him the tools to be able to assist me positively and not to feel helpless during my labour.

Labour began at 41 + 4 weeks after leaving the midwife and booking in for a discussion about inductions. I’m so glad I went into labour naturally as I was getting quite stressed that I’d have to have an induction on delivery ward. I was in labour for 50 hours and had a natural waterbirth in a midwife led birthing unit.

Hypnobirthing allowed me to get through the 50 hours of labour and to cope with the pain sensations long enough to have a natural birth with no pain relief. My partner was wonderful and kept me focused counting my surge breathing for me on every surge over the 50 hours. He was my rock when I began to falter around transition time. Kobi arrived weighing 8lb3oz. 

I loved that I was able to give birth naturally – I have fibromyalgia which gives me a lot of hypersensitivity with pain/temperatures and so never thought in a million years I’d be able to cope without pain relief. One thing that birth has taught me is that I’m stronger and more resilient than I believed.

I’d totally 100% recommend Laura and the course to others – it was the only thing that made me feel strong and confident about giving birth.”

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