Laura Yates Hypnotherapy – An Introduction

Looking for a space to unwind, restore and rejuvenate?

It’s my passion to take what I’ve learnt from the last twenty years to transform the therapy experience so that YOU can take back control. What sets me apart is I practise what I preach and don’t provide a one size fits all approach-we are all different and you deserve a fully specialised and personalised service to become the best you can be.

So, why do I do this?

I have a degree in business and am the proud mum of two young children. Having spent my working life so far within both small and corporate companies, coupled with my own life experience, I have become increasingly aware of the stresses and challenges facing women today.  I decided to study Hypnotherapy having experienced firsthand how life changing it can be and how the skills learnt can be applied to a wide variety of situations. For example, techniques learnt for a relaxed childbirth can also be implemented at the Dentist. The skill is completely transferable which was something that inspired me to develop and become a hypnotherapist to enable me to pass this ability on to others. Self hypnosis is a skill that anyone can learn and once taught it can be applied independently whenever and wherever the client wishes.

I now hold a diploma in Hypnotherapy and love helping to empower women in leading an anxiety free life whilst tackling stressful situations with ease.  I specialise in anxiety, phobias, childbirth, pain management and weight loss but Hypnotherapy can help in a wide range of areas, for example confidence, public speaking, sports performance and one of my clients solved a life long issue of being unable to get to work on time!

I’m professional and passionate about what I do and like to make the therapy an uplifting process with great backup support. My approach is intuitive but not assuming. I am based at Saltash Physiotherapy Clinic, The Treatment Barn in St Mellion and Tavistock Therapy Centre as well as seeing clients via Skype.