New Homebirth Research Published

New Homebirth Research Published
Should I have a homebirth?
Is it riskier than just being in a hospital?
What are the risks involved?
This week I’ve spoken to a number of mums who are considering homebirth as an option in light of recent developments and would like to join a HypnoBirthing course not only to learn skills, tools and techniques but also all about the options available to them and how they can make evidence based decisions based on what’s best for mum and baby.
This week, The Lancet has published some really positive figures and I hope that this will provide some much needed reassurance and evidence to anyone giving thought to a homebirth.
In summary, half a million women with low risk pregnancies planning a homebirth were found to be:
  • > 50% less likely to have an operative vaginal birth (ventouse or forceps)
  • 70% less likely to have an epidural
  • 55% less likely to have an episiotomy
  • 40% less likely to experience a 3rd or 4th degree tear
  • 60% less likely to receive oxytocin augmentation of labour
  • 75% fewer reporting maternal infection
  • >30% fewer reporting post partum hemorrhage
This was a sample compared with those planning to have a hospital birth. If you’d like to read more, the full text can be found here:
This article follows last year’s study into the outcomes for baby which I’ll summarise in another post.
As always, I encourage an evidence based approach so you can decide on the best options for you and your baby – homebirth isn’t for everyone but if you’re a low risk pregnancy I hope this gives you food for thought.
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