Would you like to feel calm, positive and excited about giving birth?

To learn tools and techniques that will keep you calm, relaxed and able to make decisions that are right for you?

To feel supported and meet other like-minded parents on a similar journey?

For your birth partner to feel able to support you in all sorts of ways to ensure you feel supported and nurtured during pregnancy, birth and the newborn days?

Online Hypnobirthing Course


Based on the Mongan Method of HypnoBirthing, my popular hypnobirthing courses are for all – whatever type of birth you’d like I’ll teach you how to stay calm, relaxed and in control as well as fully prepped for each eventuality should things take a different turn.

I offer two options – the Basics Course with the option to add on workshops and the Full Course that covers everything you need to know as well as ongoing support, all MP3s and handouts.

What others say about my hypnobirthing courses

“I’d briefly dipped into HypnoBirthing with my first child but wanted to know more and give it a better go this time. Thanks to the hypnobirthing course with Laura, my second birth couldn’t have been more different!! I stayed relaxed and it was an amazing experience that I couldn’t recommend enough!! When my baby was born one of my first thoughts was how easy and different it had been this time around. This birth was amazing and I can’t thank Laura enough for all her help.” Bex.

Hypnobirthing in Saltash Plymouth Tavistock

“Without your course, I never would’ve been able to have such a quick and smooth labour. I know I’ve said it loads but if someone had told me 3 months ago I’d be having a massive baby naturally in such a short and easy labour I would never had believed them. There were a lot of people who doubted me when I was so positive after the course but both myself and Tommy (and now Isla) will be forever grateful for the confidence and techniques you gave us.” Tess.

“Before I met Laura people would mention giving birth and I’d either have a panic attack or burst out crying. Now after doing the HypnoBirthing course with Laura I am 100% confident, so happy and actually really excited about giving birth and meeting my little one. It really has changed my way of thinking and has taught me and my partner so many tools to stay as calm and relaxed as possible for the birth I dream of. I can’t thank you enough Laura for opening these doors and showing me the way”. Sam.

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Why HypnoBirthing With Laura Yates?

I discovered HypnoBirthing when pregnant with my first baby 11 years ago.

I’ve had two wonderfully positive but very different births and know first hand how overwhelming it can all seem at first.

Hypnobirthing allowed me to stay calm and relaxed during every eventuality and gave me the skills to make informed choices and have the best birth for me and my baby – the first was a csection due to an undiagnosed breech and my second a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC). 

After my first baby I studied for a hypnotherapy diploma and after this I gained my HypnoBirthing Practitioner and Childbirth Educator qualification with HypnoBirthing International (the Mongan Method).

As a trained and experienced hypnotherapist I am able to ensure that you get the maximum benefits from hypnosis and also tailor the course to suit each individual. I hold regular information and taster sessions so that you can come along and see if this is the right course for you.

This hypnobirthing course IS for you if you’d like to:

  • Have a calm, gentle birth – to feel in control, fully informed and confident to birth in the way that’s best for you and your baby.
  • Explore options with your partner whilst they learn to fully support you and advocate for your choices alongside your caregivers. You’ll find it a bonding experience as you explore options and practice techniques to remain calm and focused.
  • Meet like minded parents and get to know each other through the sessions, my Hypnobirthing Support Facebook group and meet ups after the birth (once safe to do so).
  • Discover how birth can be a positive, empowering and liberating experience – embrace it, prepare for it and create your own birth story based on your own belief and free of fear – whether this is your first, second or 10th birth
  • Welcome your baby into a calm world and plan their first month here (there’s a few surprising things that often come up!)
  • Learn how to make labour shorter and more comfortable using tried and tested techniques based on science and accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.
  • Take part in a full antenatal course so not only do you learn to hypnobirth but you also know all about pregnancy, birth and the newborn days

This hypnobirthing course ISN’T for you if:

  • You’d like a a short, cheap and cheerful course. This is an in depth, practical course with lots of tips and techniques that you won’t get elsewhere.
  • You’re not willing to plan for your birth like you would any other large event in your life.
  • You don’t want a science, fact based course based on years of practise and experience.

Book onto your preferred course here: 

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What Birth Partners Say:

“The course has been nothing short of brilliant and I have been enlightened in so many ways that I am now thoroughly looking forwards to our birth and completely confident I can support my partner. Laura has been amazing from start to finish and I cannot speak highly enough of her. Kind, Patient, happy to help and so much more. I will miss our sessions and Laura’s experience, knowledge and friendship. If you are looking for HypnoBirthing look no further. Laura is fantastic.” Tom.

“My partner and I attended hypnobirthing sessions with Laura, these really helped to build our confidence and reduce our anxieties prior to the birth of our daughter. Laura’s sessions were calm, welcoming and the salted caramel flapjacks weren’t bad either! I would certainly recommend Hilltop Hypnotherapy if you have any interest in trying hypnobirthing.” Ian.

Hypnobirthing Course Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnobirthing? Is it just a bit of breathing and thinking positively?

In short, no. Hypnobirthing teaches you skills and techniques to remain calm and in control during birth but also the options available to you and so much more. This is a course based on science – there will be no fluffy bits but a whole lot of fact based on research and many years of evidence. There is an element of breathing practice and positive thinking but so much more besides.

Will I be hypnotised?

Whilst hypnosis is an element of hypnobirthing, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis so you’re in control at all times. At the least you’ll experience incredibly deep relaxation and at best you’ll experience a calm, gentle and possibly fear and pain free birth. As a past student said…who wouldn’t want that?

How much is it?

I offer different options that are dependent on your needs – just send me a message and we can discuss the best option for you.

How long is the course and how is it delivered?

The full course is held over 4 sessions of 3 hours (this includes a break or two) and at present sessions are delivered online via Zoom. You have access to me whenever you need and support in the Facebook group and on WhatsApp too.

Do I need to do any other antenatal courses?

You don’t have to but if you’d like to do an antenatal course with an experienced practitioner, I can put you in touch with one – we offer joint Antenatal and Hypnobirthing courses that are cost effective and high quality.

I’ve never done anything like this before – I’m a bit nervous.

I often find mums are nervous about starting the course and at the first session will tell me it’s already made a huge difference to how they see birth. If you’d like to arrange a taster or have any questions at all just send me a message.

How much time does the practice take up?

I recommend you practice daily – you’ll have homework and the MP3s to listen to but it’s up to you to do it. How much or how little time is up to you, but I do find that it’s those who immerse themselves in it and put in the time that get the great results. Saying that, I’ve taught mums at 40 weeks to hypnobirth and they’ve had amazing births too so nothing is set in stone.

How do I know it’s a good course?

Taught by an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educator (also a HypnoBirthing mum of 2!), I was trained by HypnoBirthing International – a course accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and the original hypnobirthing course developed 30 years ago. 

How often are courses held?

My popular online small group HypnoBirthing courses take place regularly and often book up quickly. Individual courses are available at any time and date to suit you depending on my availability.

When should we attend?

I recommend that couples attend the course any time from the 20th week of pregnancy. The earlier you start, the more time you have to practice the techniques however I’ve worked with a number of ladies in later pregnancy (one at 40 weeks!) and all have found the course beneficial.

If you’re more than 36 weeks or would prefer it, I offer one-to-one courses at times to suit you and your birth partner. 

How do I book on?

You can book on by selected you preferred course here or send me a message with your due date and I’ll let you know what I have available. Spaces are limited to ensure a good quality of service so it’s recommended to book quickly.

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