Hypnotherapy and Pain Management

In the 1840’s, Scottish surgeon, Dr James Esdaile began to research the ability of hypnosis to eliminate pain and induce mental anaesthesia for surgical operations. Although these days we have great chemicals to induce the same state, it shows the power of the mind and what we can do with it in everyday situations.

If you are experiencing pain, you are strongly advised to see your doctor in the first instance. This is the starting point to investigate what is causing your pain and the best treatment for it. Once you have consulted your dr, you may wish to consider different treatments to make up part of an overall pain management plan. Hypnotherapy can form a part of this pain management treatment plan for many long-term pain conditions including arthritis and fibromyalgia. 

The medical profession are increasingly recommending hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis to manage chronic pain as studies show the connection between the mind and body in managing pain. For many people, stress and anxiety are commonly experienced alongside pain and can exacerbate it. 

The perception of physical sensations is directly linked with the way that the mind responds to pain. Focusing on changing the thought patterns related to pain can make a huge difference to pain perception and help to reduce associated stress.

Hypnotherapy enables you to focus on relaxation and let go of any distracting thoughts by temporarily tuning-out the conscious part of your mind. It also opens you up to the power of suggestion – at which point your hypnotherapist can make suggestions to encourage pain relief.

Hypnotherapy as a form of pain management aims to deal with the fears and anxieties you have relating to your pain and helps to reduce stress and relax the nervous system to help it become less reactive to pain. 

Each of us experience pain differently and no results are guaranteed however hypnotherapy has been found to be extremely helpful in a pain management programme. I would love the opportunity to discuss how we could work together-please use the contact form below and we can arrange a no obligation free consultation.


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