Isla’s Birth Story – A Beautiful Birth During Lockdown

Isla’s Birth Story – A Beautiful Birth During Lockdown

I’m so excited to share this great positive birth story!

Thank you to Tess for sharing, it was a real pleasure working with you both and seeing you embrace it all.

Tess and Tommy were in the first class to go online after lockdown – I hope their story provides encouragement and reassurance to anyone expecting at the moment. A big thank you to all at University Hospitals Plymouth Maternity Services for being as supportive and amazing as ever (see comments below).

Over to Tess…

“Again, I want to say a massive thank you so much for all your support and guidance. Without your course, I never would’ve been able to have such a quick and smooth labour. Started feeling something at about 11pm on Tuesday night but was really relaxed and managed to sleep on and off through it until 3am. Not sure Tommy even believed it had started when I told him. I was using all the relaxing breathing and the ‘plinky plonky’ music and was having a relaxing bath at 5am.

Tommy started to time the surges and they were really close together and the app was telling us to call the hospital but I didn’t believe him as it felt like a waste of time and I thought they’d send me home. I spoke to the triage midwife on the phone who asked me to come and be checked out and see if I was in active labour. When I arrived, I had to go in by myself so Tommy dropped me at the door and off I went continuing to breathe through surges (only had 2 lots of paracetamol by this point).

They took me in to be checked out and said that if I wasn’t in active labour they would send me home (this was 9am). When she checked I was 9cm dilated and going straight to the labour room. I didn’t really use the gas and air (made me feel nauseous) and gave birth to my little baby girl naturally at 10:48am (she was a big girl at 8lb 12).

It was great to have Tommy there but difficult when he wasn’t allowed to the ward with us. However, the staff have been so supportive and amazing answering every silly question I have asked.

I know I’ve said it loads but if someone had told me 3 months ago I’d be having a massive baby naturally in such a short and easy labour I would never had believed them. There were a lot of people who doubted me when I was so positive after the course but both myself and Tommy (and now Isla) will be forever grateful for the confidence and techniques you gave us.

Thanks again

Tess xxx

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