5 Ways to Prepare for a Positive Birth During the Pandemic

5 Ways to Prepare for a Positive Birth During the Pandemic
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Never has preparing for a positive birth experience been so poignant as right now. Read on for 5 tips to keeping calm during pregnancy and birth in the pandemic and after...

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for some, I’ve worked with a few expectant mums in navigating the ups and downs to ensure that their birth goes smoothly, calmly and without too much of a hitch. Here are 5 of my tips for having a positive birth during the pandemic:

1. Learn all about oxytocin and endorphins and then do all you can to encourage them.

Oxytocin provides the power behind your contractions as well as those awesome feelings of closeness and bonding between you and your baby. It also helps in contracting the uterus to deliver the placenta  and stop bleeding after birth as well as the let-down reflex during breastfeeding. During both pregnancy and birth it suppresses the production of stress hormones which are responsible for the Fear – Tension – Pain cycle – this is something we really work on in my hypnobirthing course and really worth reading up on.

Endorphins are your body’s own natural painkiller and said to be 200 times stronger than morphine. Just one good reason to look into endorphins and stimulating the production. In large amounts, it creates an amnesiac state where you become unaware of the outside world and passage of time.

2. Choose your positive birth support team wisely.

I can’t stress this enough. Yes, your aunt may enjoy telling you all about her horrific experiences 30 years ago or your friends might think it’s in your best interests to bestow all their stories of pain, horror and the need for every medication possible but what if you were to listen to the friends and family who maybe don’t shout so loudly? Could you learn more by looking at how amazing birth can actually be? If you want proof, have a look at this video – there are lots more out there, if you’d like pointers just shout.

3. Learn how to go into deep relaxation.

This is a skill that will come into its own during pregnancy, birth and motherhood. It helps to encourage those endorphins, is free and easy to practise and once learnt can be accessed quickly. 15 minutes of hypnosis is the equivalent of 2 hours sleep and I can teach you to do it yourself – just think about the potential of that for a minute before you read on.

4. Learn all about the uterus and how it ACTUALLY works.

Why does the uterus hurt whilst it’s working when other muscles don’t? This is something we cover in detail during the first session of hypnobirthing and is a huge game changer. Try this exercise – tense your arms and hands, really tense them and put them up in front of you then try to bring your hands together. Now do the same but with your muscles relaxed and moving freely. Notice the difference? In birth, we can get caught in the Fear – Tension – Pain cycle and it’s this that a lot of what I teach in hypnobirthing is based around. 

5. Reach out and believe in yourself!

Ok, maybe that’s 2 tips but it’s a tough time to be pregnant and no one can deny that. I know from speaking to many expectant mums recently that there’s a whole extra layer added to the experience and it can be difficult to navigate. I also know from working in this area for a few years now that you’re in safe hands – the midwives, health visitors, doctors, everyone around you is there to support and make this as smooth as possible for you. Reach out and access all the support available. If you’re stuck and would like any recommendations then please do send me an email – I’ve got a great network of awesome businesses and support that I can signpost you to.

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