Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss - good riddance fat, hello slim you!

Hypnotherapy for weightloss in Saltash and online

Do you want to improve your willpower to lose weight? To look in the mirror and be proud of the figure you’ve achieved? Or maybe you’d just like to increase your motivation to exercise..whatever it is, hypnotherapy can be a great tool to add to your weight loss toolbox. 

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Why choose a Specialist in weight loss hypnotherapy?

Many people have tried a multitude of weight loss diets and will find that their mindset just isn’t playing ball-the willpower to lose weight is lacking and the weight just won’t shift. Research has shown that those people who used hypnosis lost twice the weight as those who dieted without the therapy.

So what is a hypnotherapy session like?

Whether online, in my Saltash Hypnotherapy Clinic or Tavistock Hypnotherapy Clinic, we will firstly discuss your goals, your triggers and what food plans do and don’t work for you. This will then inform the shape of the therapy session and I will construct sessions to incorporate your own personal goals and triggers. The goal of hypnotherapy is to rewrite the place that food has taken in your mind and concentrate on more positive outcomes and desires. Our subconscious is something we all have-the gut reaction that keeps you out of danger or guides our good decisions. During hypnotherapy, we turn the volume up on our inner wisdom and down on the emotional part so that we can make wiser decision in our daily lives. Hypnosis helps us to realise that whilst we may want to do something, we have the choice as to whether to act it out.

Will you lose control?

In a word..no. When in hypnosis you can still hear everything and are in control, your subconscious never turns off. If a hypnotherapist were to tell you to do something that you wouldn’t want to do then your subconscious will alert you and bring you out of hypnosis. It’s a bit like how you can hear your own child shouting in the middle of lots of others-your subconscious overrides the blur of the background noise.


How long does it take?


Sessions last an hour and you should start to see changes after two sessions however deeper rooted issues can take a little longer. This will be discussed during the first session and I’ll advise you on what course of action and how long the therapy may take. I can also refer you to other options if needs be.


Reasons Why Hypnosis for Weight Loss Won’t Work


If nutrition isn’t fully considered old eating habits will begin to creep back in. Those serious about making long term change to their diets and weight loss remove all processed foods, refined sugars and saturated fats from their diet.


If fitness isn’t fully integrated into a weight loss plan, although perhaps not as important as nutrition is is a factor within any successful weight loss journey.

The good news however is that hypnotherapy can help with the motivation to achieve these and as part of a well rounded weight loss plan can greatly increase the chances of success.


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